Burgundy 2022 ESG Report: Integration & Engagement


& Engagement

year ending june 30, 2022

About the Report

Burgundy’s ESG Report builds on our long history of incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors into our investment practices.

This communication gives us a chance to inform our readers about our ongoing initiatives, offer case study examples, and provide an understanding of how Burgundy’s ESG integration aligns with our firm’s philosophy and approach.
Calendar Year 2021

Burgundy at a Glance

Rigorous & Fundamental
Global Research
The number of company meetings across the globe
How often we met with regional portfolio companies during management meetings
The percent of meetings with senior management
The number of expert networks we worked with
The number of one-on-one calls we conducted
The number of expert call transcripts we reviewed
Calendar Year 2021

ESG Efforts

The number of ESG engagements with portfolio companies*
The percent of total ESG engagements conducted by meeting/call
How often we raised an ESG issue during a management meeting**
The number of meetings we voted
The number of environmental ("E") and social ("S") shareholder proposals
How often we supported E&S shareholder proposals, up from 18% in 2018

Engagement by Region

Engagement by Region

Meetings Voted by Region

Meetings Voted by Region
Emerging Markets
Source: Burgundy research
*Includes ESG engagement via meeting, call, letter, email, and proxy vote.
**In 2021, Burgundy conducted over 1,000 company meetings. Approximately 630 were considered one-on-one while the others were in a group setting. One-on-one meetings are conducted by a Burgundy Portfolio Manager and/or Investment Analyst with the management team or investor relations of the company. An “ESG issue” is either an environmental, social, and/or governance (ESG) factor as defined by Burgundy’s approach to ESG.
esg integration

Message from our CIO

Focused on Integration
and Engagement
Anne Mette de Place Filippini
Anne Mette de Place Filippini
Senior Vice President,
Chief Investment Officer,
Portfolio Manager

Key points from the past year

  • Given the lack of standardization, investors today are facing a complex ESG landscape.
  • We are focused on three primary areas: engagement, expert opinions, and proxy voting.
  • ESG engagement is integrated alongside our overall investment approach as opposed to being an ESG initiative in and of itself.
  • It is our responsibility to incorporate ESG to preserve and grow your capital.
key points from our

Carbon Research

Key points from our carbon research
  • Where material reporting  is available, greenhouse gas emissions for Burgundy's major regional investment strategies is "low" relative to respective market indices.
  • Over the past year, we have learned about the regulated carbon markets from portfolio company Intercontinental Exchange Group and gained knowledge on the voluntary carbon markets through an industry expert.
  • Burgundy’s focus on wealth-creating businesses aligns with relatively low carbon intensity.
  • Our Portfolio Managers tend to find companies that are modest carbon emitters in the perpetual pursuit of quality companies.
Key points from our carbon research
Front cover of report

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